Corporate Profile

Our Vision

  • To deliver efficient, innovative and reliable environmental and recycling solutions now and in the future
  • To utilize our best efforts to comply with and exceed all current environmental regulations

Our Mission

  • To provide a full range of economically viable environmental, waste disposal and recycling services for our clients
  • To provide the best available training and a safe, friendly and inspiring work environment for our employees
  • To assess and remediate environmental issues in order to promote sustainable growth for our communities

Corporate Values


  • Our employees, customers, suppliers and subcontractors are our most valuable team assets
  • We encourage all those who are involved in our business to share their ideas, innovations, and expertise to grow and improve Green-Port
  • We are committed to selecting the best workers for our team whose attitudes, vision and personal goals align with our own
  • We are motivated about building employee morale, through personal and corporate health, safety and well-being


  • We have built our reputation over the years as a company known for being accountable for its words and actions
  • We conduct our business by maintaining the highest standards possible for respect, trust, fairness and sustainable actions


  • We believe that ingenuity and innovation are the heartbeat of a successful company in these challenging times of rapid change
  • We encourage creativity from our employees and management through incentive programs and public recognition


  • Our professional expertise is in demand in the areas of recycling, environmental management and hazardous remediation and disposal
  • We strive to maintain the highest standards of excellence by continually promoting individual training and professional development
  • Internal Quality and Environmental Management Systems


  • We support local community activities because we believe in giving back to those who we are privileged to serve
  • We consider it our social responsibility to help those who are less fortunate through corporate donations