Substation Decommissioning

Green-Port has decommissioned obsolete transformer substations for over 30 utilities in Ontario. In specific cases, we will also provide project management and property tax recovery services to customers who would like to turn that land back into the real estate market.

The services that Green-Port offers to its customers include but are not restricted to:

  • Site visit and assessment of project requirements for transformer site services
  • Proposal for net credits/extras depending on value of the scrap transformer and oil assets on site
  • Dismantling of obsolete towers, switchgear and transformers and removal offsite for recycling
  • Investigative testing program to determine extent and depth of PCB and other contaminants
  • Excavation and disposal of civil work and impacted soil
  • Licensed asbestos removal and disposal if required
  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment Reports
  • Site remediation of contaminated material and restoration of clean material to grade
  • Provision of finished landscaping if required