Key Projects

PCB and Site Decommissioning, Transformer & Oil Recycling and Disposal – Utility

Green-Port has been an active and trusted contractor managing the recycling and disposal of obsolete equipment and transformers, as well as providing many other valuable services in Ontario and across Canada.

  • PCB disposal and PCB site decommissioning
  • Non-PCB transformer substation decommissioning
  • Recycling of < 50 ppm PCB oil-filled transformers and other obsolete equipment
  • Recycling of obsolete analog and digital electric meters
  • Emergency response service for leaking non PCB and PCB transformers
  • Consulting on as needed basis for transformer site services

Substation Decommissioning & Site Remediation – Utility

Green-Port was retained to manage a turnkey project at the request of its client to decommission scrap non-PCB oil-filled transformers and switchgear at a former substation property in Ontario, and turn it into industrial land suitable for future development.

  • The <50 ppm scrap network transformer was drained on site and the scrap transformer oil was fully recycled
  • The obsolete transformer, switchgear and tower were removed for recycling at Green-Port’s approved facility in Georgetown, Ontario
  • The building was demolished and the surface soil was tested to depth for contaminants, including PCBs
  • The contaminated soil was excavated and disposed of, and the excavated area backfilled with compacted clean fill

PCB Cable Recycling On Site – Utility

Green-Port recycled obsolete PCB contaminated underground lead cable on site in southern Ontario over a two year period under its MOE Certificates of Approval.

  • The PCB cable was separated into its component parts of lead, copper and PCB cambric paper
  • PCB Contaminated materials >50 ppm (PCB) were packaged and transported to approved MOE facilities for disposal
  • Non-ferrous materials were cleaned on site, lab tested then fully recycled
  • The client achieved significant savings and maximized compliance over sending the PCB cable directly to MOE approved recycling facilities