Street Light Recycling

Green-Port is committed to the recycling of all styles of obsolete street-lights.Street Light  - Recycling[1]

The current street light technology in Canada makes use of mainly high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. This specific type of lighting consumes more electrical energy when compared to light emitting diode (LED) lamps.

As the price of LED lighting continues to drop, municipalities are now considering the replacement of their cobra head street lights. We expect that electrical energy subsidies will be reduced in the future for all street lighting in towns, cities and on highways. We believe this will accelerate the change from HPS to the LED street lights.

Green-Port Environmental is here to assist you in the collection, transportation and recycling of cobra head street lights. We offerObsolete Street lights - gaylord boxes[1] proper disposal options of the HPS lamps which contain mercury and must be properly disposed of, as opposed to land-filling.

Green-Port offers 100% recycling of the glass lens, the wire, the ferrous and non-ferrous metals and the capacitor, that are in a typical Canadian street lights.

Contact us directly for more information on how Green-Port’s innovative recycling can help you.

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Green-Port Environmental – Recycling Reinvented

Sudden (Emergency) Response (GTA)

Green-Port Environmental is pleased to offer a Sudden Response Unit (SRU) for emergency or urgent transformer oisudden response unit (SRU)l spills and leakers, resulting from failure, accidental damage or deterioration.

We take these matters very seriously, and will respond quickly with the proper equipment needed to address the draining, excavation and clean up.  Site assessments, along with the sampling and testing required to remedy the situation, is also provide. We’ll work closely alongside you, to contain and minimize damages.

Contact us directly for more information on our Sudden Response Unit, or our many other asset recovery, recycling and waste disposal services.  Phone 1-866-252-8645.  Email

Green-Port Environmental – Recycling Reinvented

Transformer Refurbishment

GTransformer Recycling - Toronto, Ontarioreen-Port Environmental has once again expanded our suite of industrial and utility services. We now offer our trusted clients the option of refurbishing aging transformers, as opposed to buying new – a much more economical and sustainable approach!

Repairs and refurbishment can be as simple as:

  • A gasket change
  • Repairing and re-painting the tank
  • Rewinding the cores and/or retro-filling with new insulating oil

Transformer Refurbishment - Ottawa, Ontario

Green-Port Environmental, in partnership with local transformer manufacturers, will pick up your transformers, have them assessed for refurbishment, and provide you a timely quote and date for their return to service.

If the transformer is deemed to be scrap, Green-Port will purchase the transformer on a per KVA basis and recycle all of its components at its MOE approved < 50 ppm PCB treatment, transfer and recycling facility in Georgetown, Ontario.

For more information about the refurbishment of your aging transformers please contact us today!

Green-Port Environmental – Recycling Reinvented

SF6 Switches

SF6 SwitchGreen-Port Environmental is proud to offer the safe management, transport, extraction of gases, and disposal of SF6 Load Break Switches thoughout Ontario.

A circuit breaker in which the current carrying contacts operate in Sulphur Hexafluoride or SF6 gas, is known as an SF6 Circuit Breaker.

While SF6 has excellent insulating property, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, it is one of the most potent greenhouse gases evaluated, with the potential to significantly contribute to global warming.

Green-Port Environmental can safely remove, transport, dispose and recycle your SF6 switches and provide you with ‘Certificates of Recovery and Recycling.’

If you send us your inventory, along with some photos and details, we will provide a no-obligation quotation.  We also accept all obsolete utility generated scrap and can manage your hazardous and non-hazardous  wastes as well.

Green-Port Environmental – Recycling Reinvented